Data Summaries

This page offers a selection of summaries of WMR data. Due to the deviating nature of data within the WMR system, all reports are offered under the premise of best-effort calculations. Some outliers and anomolies may be present within results.

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Top 20 Circulating Books

This report is a list of the top 20 most circulated books, based on calculations in May 2011. Note that some ties may exist within list.
* Multiple copies of book exists.

Author TitleNumber Of Times BorrowedNumber Of Borrowers
Louisa May AlcottUnder the Lilacs*478397
Horatio AlgerThe Young Adventurer422341
Martha FinleyElsie Dinsmore*421393
L.T. MeadeA World of Girls373271
Horatio AlgerThe Telegraph Boy364321
Charles FosdickFrank on a Gunboat363319
Horatio AlgerThe Young Circus Rider*359269
Charles FosdickGeorge at the Fort*349305
Martha FinleyHoliday at Roselands*342311
Marie CorelliThe Sorrows of Satan*342280
Martha FinleyElsie's Womanhood*327292
Augusta EvansSt. Elmo*327291
Charles FosdickFrank on the Lower Mississippi*325290
Louisa May AlcottAn Old-Fashioned Girl*322276
Martha FinleyElsie's Girlhood*315289
Charles FosdickGeorge in Camp*310279
Horatio AlgerRagged Dick*308283
Charles FosdickFrank in the Woods*299261
Horatio AlgerThe Young Miner297263
Louisa May AlcottLittle Men*296295
Amelia BarrBernicia291262
Edward WestcottDavid Harum289267
Charles FosdickGeorge at the Wheel288264
Horatio AlgerTattered Tom287256