Data Summaries

This page offers a selection of summaries of WMR data. Due to the deviating nature of data within the WMR system, all reports are offered under the premise of best-effort calculations. Some outliers and anomolies may be present within results.

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Top 20 Circulating Authors

This report is a list of the top 20 most circulated authors, based on calculations in May/June 2011.
* Author's last name also spelled in ledgers as "Monroe"

AuthorNo. Of Times BorrowedNo. Of PatronsAverage Loans Per Patron
Horatio Alger9,2301,3616.8
Charles Fosdick/"Harry Castlemon"7,3991,1696.3
William T. Adams/"Oliver Optic"5,2081,0005.2
Martha Finley4,6097426.2
Edward S. Ellis3,0048863.4
Edward P. Roe2,9911,0312.9
Louisa May Alcott2,9761,0222.9
F. (Francis) Marion Crawford2,1208222.6
Rosa N. Carey1,9928192.4
Eugenie John/"E. Marlitt"1,8237552.4
G. A. (George Alfred) Henty1,8145333.4
Charles King1,6267492.2
L.T. Meade1,5806222.5
Francis H. Burnett1,4628541.7
Clara Louise Burnham1,4186182.3
Kirk Munroe*1,3654772.9
Susan Coolidge1,3235222.5
Augusta Evans1,3156332.1
John T. Trowbridge1,2005092.4
Marie Corelli1,1246681.7