Data Summaries

This page offers a selection of summaries of WMR data. Due to the deviating nature of data within the WMR system, all reports are offered under the premise of best-effort calculations. Some outliers and anomolies may be present within results.

Choose a report from the following:

Data Fields and Count

This report lists all fields presented to users, as well as how many records contain relevant data for said field. Useful for stastical purposes for determining the size of the sample group (e.g.: ## patrons are accountants, out of #### with occupation data). The field count values offered take into account both active/circulating and inactive/non-circulating records.

Field SourceField NameField Count
Book Data# Pages10725
Book Data# Volumes9317
Book DataAccession #11603
Book DataAccession Date (Standardized)11568
Book DataAccession Date (Text)11580
Book DataAdditional Ledger Information3916
Book DataAdditional Record Information6706
Book DataAuthor7278
Book DataAuthor (Standardized)9385
Book DataBinding Type11404
Book DataContributors2603
Book DataCost11572
Book DataDate Published10317
Book DataDiscard Date (Standardized)2508
Book DataDiscard Date (Text)2551
Book DataLedger #11594
Book DataNature of Origin6519
Book Dataof Whom Procured11185
Book DataPage #11594
Book DataPen Name438
Book DataPublisher3690
Book DataPublisher (Standaridzed)7795
Book DataSize11456
Book DataSubject(s)11596
Book DataTitle11603
Book DataTitle (Standardized)11622
Book DataUniform Title1143
Book DataWhere Published11457
Book DataWhere Published (Standardized)11459
Patorn DataCity Directory Address2567
Patron Data(Guarantor) Relationship with Patron169
Patron DataAdditional Census Information4421
Patron DataAdditional Directory Information4959
Patron DataAdditional Ledger Information776
patron dataBirthplace3298
Patron DataCensus Name2882
Patron DataCity Directory Name2617
Patron DataCity Directory Occupation5
Patron DataCity Directory Year4157
Patron DataDate Joined6329
patron dataFather's Place of Birth3286
Patron DataGender5709
Patron DataGuarantor Name6322
Patron DataGuarantor Residence5970
Patron DataLedger #6329
Patron DataMarital Status3063
patron dataMother's Place of Birth3288
patron dataNaturalization Status60
Patron DataNickname3
Patron DataNumber of Boarders292
Patron DataNumber of Servants229
Patron DataNumber of Years Married1271
Patron DataOccupation2193
Patron DataOccupation Classification3249
Patron DataOccupation Note2165
Patron DataPage #6329
Patron DataPatron #6329
Patron DataPatron Name6329
patron dataRace3297
Patron DataResidence6325
Patron DataResidential Status2884
Patron DataYear of Birth3285
Patron DataYear of Immigration79
Transaction DataAccession #176838
Transaction DataBorrower Name176868
Transaction DataComment(s)20346
Transaction DataPatron #176900
Transaction DataTransaction Date176912