Scanning theses

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Scanning thesis


Currently just scaning abstracts for Masters, Disertations, Creative, and Research; Senior, Honors, and Arch get both the thesis and the abstracts scanned After thesis have been cataloged and the authority done on them, they are brought to Physical Processing in order to be scanned before being bound or labeled.

Before beginning the scanning process you will need to be sure the scanner is on and the computer station has been started up. If you must start up, turn on the scanner BEFORE turning on the computer. If the scanner is not turned on prior to the start up of the computer the scanner will “not be found”. Look at the flag in order to know where to save the document (exp. Masters, Honors, Creative, Dissertation, Arch, etc.)

  • Open Adobe Acrobat (double click on Adobe icon)
  • Click “File”
  • Click “Import”
  • Click “Scan”
  • Position your page according to instructions on or near scanner station (each scanner is different). You will begin scanning with the first printed page of the thesis.
  • Check the drop down box for Scan Type and select “Flat bed” if your document cannot go through the document feeder. (select ADF to use document feeder)
  • If the thesis has colored pages, you must scan these in color. Normally it will be b&w.
  • Once your page is positioned well (be sure no edges are crooked or lapping over the edge). Press firmly and evenly spreading fingers apart on spine (if item is bound) so margins are scanned evenly from top to bottom. Click “Scan”.
  • After scanning each page you will Click “next” (if using flatbed)
  • Position your next page
  • Click “scan” You will do this between each page until your document is finished.
  • When you’ve scanned your last page Click “Done”
  • We don’t want over 100 pages in a file so scan the whole thing / divide up evenly to less than 100 pages and extract correct number of pages. For exp. 333 pages in total 333/4 = 83 + 1 so you would have 3 parts with 83 and one part with 84 pages.
  • Click save icon on the toolbar
  • Direct you saving location to: K:/Degrees/Scan/Dissertations/Scan and save you file here.

The highlighted area may change to Research, Creative, Architecture or whatever type of document you are working on. There is a file folder for each type so be sure you’re saving to the correct location each time. ASK if you are unsure.

When you save a thesis your file name will look something like this:

B46_2000DoeJohnE.pdf (B46_2000 is the “cutter”) B46_2000DoeJohnE_Part1 (until all parts are done)

This information comes from the cutter of the call number label and the name of the author from the title page of the thesis.

Your document should now be save and you may begin cropping.

See instructions for Cropping pages.