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  • All of the issues below seem to be due to the way large collections/compound items are indexed over partitions. It is believed that the upgrade to 6.10 on 3/4/15 will solve these problems.
  • Collection of Collections collection has ghost items, duplicate items, etc. and nothing appears to fix them.
  • Board of Trustees collection displaying "ghost" items.
  • Musical Instruments collection has duplicate items (after some changes to metadata) and collections is displaying completely out of order.
  • BSU Commencement Programs has duplicates (see 2014 Ball State University winter commencement program and graduate roster).
  • Collection counts don't match for some collections in the DCG. (OCLC Replied 11/17/14)
    • OCLC's Response:
      • "I think that the varying results from WorldCat vs. CONTENTdm are probably not a problem in this case. WorldCat will sometimes treat two records with the same title as a single result in WorldCat, but when you drill into that result, you should see information about both (or more?) of the records represented by that single title in the result set."
  • Starting 11/10/14 the main DCG page shows several errors. One error indicates it can't reach our harvest point, but the harvest point is reachable in tests from on and off campus.(OCLC Replied 11/17/14) (Completed 11/25/14)
    • Special characters (such as angled apostrophes and ampersands) in collection descriptions were causing the Digital Collections Gateway to fail to read our OAI harvest point. Removing or replacing these characters with valid characters fixed the issue.
  • Can we change or remove the "Find a copy in the library?" section in items appearing in WorldCat via the Digital Collections Gateway?(OCLC Replied 11/17/14)
    • OCLC's Response:
      • "There isn't any way to alter the behavior of the "Find a copy in the library" behavior at this time."
  • A new "ghost item" has appeared in the Delaware County Tuberculosis Association Collection (unpublished).
    • Running a convsupp.exe on the collection made two "page" items appear.
    • These items were deleted. Problem solved.
  • OCLC's recommendation: "The workaround for the bug is to enable smaller numbers of collections for harvesting by Digital Collection Gateway at any given time."
    • Digital Collection Gateway Issues (Fixed 10/15/14)
      • The actual "sync" process where OCLC numbers are assigned to items in the gateway is not working
      • OCLC is going to remote in and see what could be causing this problem
  • OCLC has recommended an "indexAll" (which we performed on 10/17/14) but it did not fix the following problems. A "convsupp" utility fixed the problems on 10/23/14!
    • Ghosting/Duplicate Item Issues
      • Frank A. Bracken Civil War
        • Deleting compound objects created 3 junk records appeared and can't be deleted.
      • BSU Digital History Portal
        • Duplicate items
        • Sorting is wonky
        • In June 12 records were added to 14 existing, totaling 26, but CDM reported a total of 40 (14 duplicates).
        • Ran "the usual" utility scripts and this made the total 137. Took pages out of certain compound objects and made them their own record, twice.
      • Jay C. Bixby Architectural Records (Ran convsupp.exe utility on 10/23/14)
        • Duplicate items
        • An item was duplicated, tried to delete it, one deleted but one is now a blank item that won't go away.
  • The server seems to frequently run into errors that cause it to be down for a minute or so once per day (Fixed with permission setting scripts 10/15/14)
    • It's not clear what specific problems are, but the server logs show it has something to do with permissions set improperly
  • "New Collections" section on the front page needs to be set up so that it can be managed, rather than automated.
    • Will require a new metadata field to manage the order/appearance in the section