University Libraries are a Destination for Research, Learning, and Friends

The University Libraries finished the fiscal year ending in June 2011 with a turnstile count of 1,536,273, an increase of 5.5% over the preceding fiscal year. The daily average attendance was over 4,300 visits for each of the 355 days open.

When students are asked what it is they like about the Libraries, they cite

  • Librarian to help them with research papers
  • Great print and digital resources for research and learning
  • Computers, scanners, software, and other technology for investigation and learning
  • Comfortable environment for individual and group learning
  • Hours that meet their study needs – open five days each week until 3 a.m.

Comments from students and faculty are very helpful in guiding our professional and paraprofessional personnel in meeting the research, learning, and study needs. In addition, the University Libraries use several output measures, and one of the more important of these metrics is library visits per capita as measured by turnstile count when compared to student enrollment.

To determine per capita visits, one divides the annual number of library visits by student enrollment. The metric reveals the average number of visits per enrolled student.

The accompanying chart shows a bar graph of Ball State’s fiscal year enrollment during the nine-year period from 2002-2003 through 2010-2011. It also shows a line graph of the Libraries’ turnstile count per capita. The graph depicts a generally upward sloping line for the average number of visits to the Libraries by enrolled students.

The University Libraries strive for excellence in providing the best possible services for our students and faculty. Our objective is that our users are not only satisfied with their library experience, they are delighted with it. ◙

University Libraries' Visits Per Capita when Compared to Enrollment FY 2002-03 through FY 2010-11

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