New Release of Cardinal Scholar Institutional Repository

A new version of Cardinal Scholar Institutional Repository, a project of the Ball State University Libraries, is now available for searching and community contributions. It utilizes DSpace digital asset management software to enhance access to resources uploaded to the repository, and it is designed to encourage further contributions to the repository through its streamlined and simplified uploading process.

Cardinal Scholar is an online space designed to promote the university’s research-publishing distribution strategies by providing open access to scholarly work produced by the Ball State University community and electronic records produced by Ball State and affiliated organizations and departments. Designed as a user-deposit system, Cardinal Scholar allows university community members to contribute to its collection of digital assets.

In order to organize its assets better, the new Cardinal Scholar has been divided into two communities: Ball State Theses and Dissertations and Ball State University Records and Publications.

The Ball State Theses and Dissertations community contains scholarly works by Ball State students. It has the following structure:

  • College of Architecture and Planning Undergraduate Theses
  • Creative Projects
  • Doctoral Dissertations
  • Master’s Theses
  • Research Papers
  • Undergraduate Honors Theses
  • Undergraduate Theses

The organizational structure of the Ball State University Records and Publications section follows the hierarchy of Ball State’s colleges, departments, and offices:

  • Annual Reports
  • Electronic Educational Assets
  • Faculty Scholarship
  • Lecture Materials
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Newsletters
  • Presentations
  • Programs
  • Promotional Materials
  • Other University-Produced Electronic Records

In addition to the repository’s new organizational structure, Cardinal Scholar includes many additional improvements to facilitate access and encourage user contributions. For example, the new repository allows a user to log in using his or her Ball State username and password, no longer requiring a separate set of credentials. Once a user is logged in, the new repository’s streamlined, simplified upload procedure allows the person to upload and provide information about a document in two simple steps.

When describing an item, users may now choose from a broader range of fixed terms, allowing categorization of uploaded documents to be completed more easily and with greater specificity to enhance search precision.

Cardinal Scholar’s search interface has been improved, too, as the repository home page now includes an advanced search option to allows users to construct search queries of increased complexity. Furthermore, Cardinal Scholar 2.0 provides improved searching ability at the community and collection levels.

For more information about Cardinal Scholar, visit Cardinal Scholar Frequently Asked Questions, or contact Michael G. Szajewski, Archivist for Digital Development and University Records, 765-285-5078.

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