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Select as many or as few options as you wish. Clicking 'Find Music' below will bring up a list of musical recordings or scores available at University Libraries that meet all of your qualifications. Your search results will open in a new browser window. To return to this search screen, simply close the new window.


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Common Instrumentation
Woodwind Quintet Brass Quintet
Piano Trio
String Quartet
String Quintet
Piccolo Oboe Clarinet Bassoon
Flute English Horn Saxophone
Horn Cornet Baritone
Trumpet Trombone Tuba
Violin Violoncello Guitar
Viola Double Bass Harp
Piano Organ Harpsichord

Electronic & Other
Tape Synthesizer Computer


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Search terms are optional. **Note that results for search terms will relate to the same score or recording as the selected instrumention and genre, but they may relate to a different piece. So choosing string quartet and typing in Mozart might result in a CD with a string quartet by Beethoven and a piano concerto by Mozart. If you are not finding what you're looking for, please contact the Music Collection for more help.


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