Please review the fee schedule below and then either complete the online form following the fee schedule or download a copy of the form here for later use.

Photograph and Audio-Visual Commercial Use Fee Schedule

Effective July, 1997, the following fees will be assessed for the use of photographs, audio recordings and moving images from the collections of Archives & Special Collections. These fees are for one-time use (which includes any promotional use relating to the publication or production in question), and are levied in addition to other processing and service charges. THEY APPLY WHETHER THE IMAGES OR RECORDINGS ARE PROVIDED BY ARCHIVES & SPECIAL COLLECTIONS OR ARE MADE BY THE USER.
  1. Use of photograph in a commercial publication and/or production:
    $50.00 per photograph
    $100.00 for world rights
    $125.00 for world rights, all languages
    $250.00 for electronic rights (requesting company must specify what type of electronic rights; anything else would have to be renegotiated)
  2. Limited display/exhibit of photograph in an Indiana commercial environment (restaurant, bank, office, etc.): $10.00 per photograph.
  3. Use of photograph, moving image, or audio recording in audio, video or film productions:
    • Commercial use (Indiana): $ 5.00 per second used in finished production.
    • Commercial use (beyond Indiana): $10.00 per second used in finished production with $500.00 minimum.
  4. Reuse in subsequent editions, printings or releases: Fees will be negotiated, but generally will not be less than 33% of the charged fees.
Please make checks payable to Ball State University and send to:
Ball State University
Attn: Financial and Business Services Manager
University Libraries, BL 218
2000 University Avenue
Muncie, IN 47306

SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS: Fees do NOT apply to: Non-profit corporations (government agencies, churches, or organizations with 501(c)(3) IRS status); Accredited educational institutions; Non-profit museums and other historical agencies; Private scholars (when used for personal research, lectures, theses or dissertations); Non-profit academic presses or production companies; Home use; Local news media.

Archives and Special Collections reserves the right to waive/negotiate fees or other requirements on an individual basis at the discretion of the Head, Archives & Special Collections. Such waiver of fees or obligations can be made only upon approval of written application to the Head.

Photographic and Audio-Visual Use Form


 Non-profit, government, or other exempt
Serial Publication
Book jacket or cover
Video production, Indiana
Video production, beyond Indiana
Audio production, Indiana
Audio production, beyond Indiana
Film, Indiana
Film, beyond Indiana


By submitting this form, you certify that these images and/or recordings were used for the purposes and by the person, company or institution stated above. You agree that the one-time use of these images and/or recordings are subject to the following conditions:
  1. That a statement citing Ball State University be used.
  2. That the use fee will be paid upon delivery of the material by Ball State University.
  3. That the user assumes responsibility for issues concerning copyright violation, invasion of privacy, slander, and/or libel resulting from the use of the images or recordings.
  4. That a copy of the product in which A & SC images or recordings were used, be provided to the Library at no cost (this condition may be waived, subject to approval of a written request submitted to the Head, A & SC.
  5. That the images or recordings are in no way misrepresented or altered to falsify their content.