The Ball State University Libraries will take reasonable steps to ensure the confidentiality of our library users.

1. What information is collected by our Live Chat service?
In order to maintain service quality, the BSU Libraries keep internal records which include the user's screen name (for text message users, the screen name is the phone number from which that message was sent), date and time of the chat transaction, and a complete transcript. All instant message transcripts are logged by our IM software, Trillian .

2. What is the information used for?
At all times, the privacy and confidentiality of our Live Chat users will be maintained to the extent permitted by law. The information that the BSU Libraries collect will be used internally to help analyze the amount and types of questions we are being asked in order to provide better service. It will not be used for marketing or for commercial purposes, and will never be sold, rented, or traded to third parties.

3. Who has access to this information?
The information collected by the library is only accessible to librarians and staff at the Ball State University Libraries.

4. Who does the library share the information with?
Live Chat transcripts and information about individual chats will not be voluntarily shared with anyone outside of the BSU Libraries staff. Statistics generated from chat logs and surveys, as well as brief excerpts of chats, may be used for reports or publications. All personally identifying information will be stripped from these items before their use. The BSU Libraries will not provide information about specific Live Chat users (such as E-mail addresses, names, phone numbers, etc.) to anyone except as noted in 4a below.

4a. Law Enforcement exception
As with any form of business record, law enforcement officials with a valid court order (such as a subpoena or warrant) may obtain access to our Live Chat records, including chat logs and transcripts.
Additionally, the Live Chat logs and transcripts of library users engaging in inappropriate use or dangerous behavior (such as threatening or harassing library staff) will be shared with library administrators and/or law enforcement officials.

5. What choices do users have about the collection, use, and distribution of their information?
Any library user who wants to have the Ball State University Libraries' record of their Live Chat deleted may e-mail Ask a Librarian coordinator at to request the deletion of their chat transcript from the Ball State University Libraries' chat transcript log. Users will need to know the date and time of their chat in order to make sure that it can be located and deleted.

Remember, the privacy of our library users is very important to us! Anyone who has questions about these guidelines should contact the Ask a Librarian coordinator at or 765-285-1101.