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TitleAuthor# Times
18970902Thursday, September 2nd,18971043110431View PageFort Frayne.Fort Frayne.King, Charles, 1844-1933.09595

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Date JoinedNameResidence
26312631View Page18900416Wednesday, April 16th, 1890Hasty WilsonHasty WilsonCor. High + Charles
26102610View Page18900213Thursday, February 13th, 1890Mrs. J. E. DurhamMrs. J. E. Durham516 East Washington
43984398View Page18940224Saturday, February 24th, 1894E. H. ShuttleworthE. H. ShuttleworthMerryweather Ave
18971897View Page18820311Saturday, March 11th, 1882Ada ShuttleworthAda ShuttleworthEast Washington
16251625View Page18810202Wednesday, February 2nd, 1881Linnie MarshLinnie MarshCor Douglas & Liberty
40434043View Page18921104Friday, November 4th, 1892Mrs. Dr. GreenMrs. Dr. Green223 North Elm
42034203View Page18930309Thursday, March 9th, 1893Mrs. A. J. WilliamsMrs. A. J. Williams819 E Adams St
27772777View Page18910114Wednesday, January 14th, 1891Mrs. L. HermanMrs. L. HermanE Main St.
12501250View Page18790616Monday, June 16th, 1879Mrs. E CammackMrs. E CammackEast Adams
43584358View Page18940203Saturday, February 3rd, 1894Mrs. J. C. LeathermanMrs. J. C. Leatherman302 N Monroe
43164316View Page18940110Wednesday, January 10th, 1894Mrs. Mary LeonardMrs. Mary Leonard1203 Kirby Ave.
24402440View Page18871112Saturday, November 12th, 1887Della SampleDella SampleCor Mulberry + Howard
49674967View Page18990119Thursday, January 19th, 1899Mrs. Will ToppMrs. Will Topp904 Elliott St
009999View Page18750610Thursday, June 10th, 1875Anna E. MaddyAnna E. MaddyWashington
0711711View Page18770509Wednesday, May 9th, 1877Lotta LudlowLotta Ludlow600 South Jefferson
18021802View Page18810610Friday, June 10th, 1881Vollie BowerVollie BowerCor Washington Elm
24102410View Page18870328Monday, March 28th, 1887Delbert SeldomridgeDelbert SeldomridgeEast Main
27832783View Page18910123Friday, January 23rd, 1891Earl NuttingEarl Nutting315 w Adams
31703170View Page18950417Wednesday, April 17th, 1895Ella CareyElla Carey622 w Adams
33253325View Page18951210Tuesday, December 10th, 1895I. B. SaxonI. B. Saxon219 n Vine
34253425View Page18960321Saturday, March 21st, 1896Mrs. E. SeldomridgeMrs. E. Seldomridge507 w Jackson
32183218View Page18950711Thursday, July 11th, 1895E. L. ChalfantE. L. Chalfant416 e Charles St
34633463View Page18960620Saturday, June 20th, 1896Sara WysorSara Wysor418 North St.
34753475View Page18960717Friday, July 17th, 1896Rebekah DenslowRebekah Denslow406 e Gilbert
35833583View Page18961209Wednesday, December 9th, 1896Mrs. H. C. DarnallMrs. H. C. Darnall506 s Mulberry
37303730View Page18970703Saturday, July 3rd, 1897Elizabeth ElrodElizabeth Elrod715 w Adams
38073807View Page18971108Monday, November 8th, 1897Florence KingsburryFlorence Kingsburry405 e Washington
40894089View Page18921210Saturday, December 10th, 1892Mary BryantMary Bryant618 s Council
45244524View Page18940726Thursday, July 26th, 1894Wysor MarshWysor Marsh222 e Adams
44644464View Page18940511Friday, May 11th, 1894Ethel StarrEthel Starr925 e Jackson
47114711View Page18950123Wednesday, January 23rd, 1895Mrs. Maggie WardMrs. Maggie WardFlorence St.
47414741View Page18980623Thursday, June 23rd, 1898Mrs. Alice MonroeMrs. Alice Monroe223 n High
48764876View Page18981109Wednesday, November 9th, 1898Rozetta ShinnRozetta Shinn927 e Adams St.
49294929View Page18981222Thursday, December 22nd, 1898E. O. WardE. O. Ward222 e Washington St.
0247247View Page18751029Friday, October 29th, 1875Ida P LudlowIda P Ludlow600 Sth Jefferson St
21962196View Page18840507Wednesday, May 7th, 1884Albert RicheyAlbert RicheyWest Adams
24302430View Page18871001Saturday, October 1st, 1887Ola EmersonOla Emerson303 East Jackson
40364036View Page18921101Tuesday, November 1st, 1892Mrs. R. C. HemingrayMrs. R. C. HemingrayNot listed
40454045View Page18921105Saturday, November 5th, 1892Mrs. Emma MolesMrs. Emma MolesMerryweather Ave
42444244View Page18930516Tuesday, May 16th, 1893Clara ElrodClara Elrod619 S. Council
45014501View Page18940628Thursday, June 28th, 1894Edna HooverEdna Hoover517 W. Main St
45194519View Page18940719Thursday, July 19th, 1894S. Gilbert JumpS. Gilbert Jump219 S. Franklin St
25792579View Page18891104Monday, November 4th, 1889Fredie LaceyFredie LaceyEast Gilbert St.
23442344View Page18851231Thursday, December 31st, 1885Vida CassadyVida CassadyWest Washington
25912591View Page18891218Wednesday, December 18th, 1889Clara LeonardClara Leonard601 Roberts st.
28142814View Page18910307Saturday, March 7th, 1891Bobbie KnowltonBobbie Knowlton503 E. Main
44604460View Page18940507Monday, May 7th, 1894Willie ArnoldWillie Arnold821 E Charles
52515251View Page18991127Monday, November 27th, 1899Homer L. FordyceHomer L. Fordyce1406 E. Gilbert St.
52775277View Page18991223Saturday, December 23rd, 1899Robert TumlesonRobert Tumleson608 Broadway Whiteley
51085108View Page18990708Saturday, July 8th, 1899Ray ZapfRay ZapfN. Elm St.
43064306View Page18940103Wednesday, January 3rd, 1894Walter GregoryWalter GregoryWashington
43914391View Page18940222Thursday, February 22nd, 1894L. M. HemingrayL. M. Hemingray411 Howard St.
46394639View Page18941126Monday, November 26th, 1894L. E. WilliamsL. E. Williams1210 E. Adams St
51315131View Page18990812Saturday, August 12th, 1899M. [W?] E. BeallM. [W?] E. BeallCor. Franklin & Gilbert
51625162View Page18990927Wednesday, September 27th, 1899Mrs. Nannie B. SnyderMrs. Nannie B. Snyder319 W. Adams
51815181View Page18991013Friday, October 13th, 1899Mrs. Edith MockMrs. Edith Mock428 E. Charles St.
0715715View Page18770511Friday, May 11th, 1877Addie KnowltonAddie Knowlton405 East Main
34873487View Page18960729Wednesday, July 29th, 1896Harry AultHarry Ault110 Kilgore Ave
35043504View Page18960828Friday, August 28th, 1896Bessie GreeneBessie Greene240 - Kilgore Ave
33633363View Page18960123Thursday, January 23rd, 1896Florence BleaseFlorence Blease500 Proud
33693369View Page18960126Sunday, January 26th, 1896Anson HickmanAnson Hickman719 Powers
33913391View Page18960208Saturday, February 8th, 1896Mabel E NoldMabel E Nold904 E Main
34473447View Page18960502Saturday, May 2nd, 1896Leora CurtisLeora Curtis" " [1415 S High]
35373537View Page18961022Thursday, October 22nd, 1896Mrs. J. M. EberlyMrs. J. M. Eberly703 N. Elm st.
35493549View Page18961111Wednesday, November 11th, 1896Ohle GillOhle Gill441 W Howard
34313431View Page18960326Thursday, March 26th, 1896Mrs. Harry GillMrs. Harry Gill425 W. Howard
34373437View Page18960404Saturday, April 4th, 1896Harriet HamiltonHarriet Hamilton608 E. Main
34073407View Page18960304Wednesday, March 4th, 1896Kay VicewarnerKay Vicewarner307 E Jackson
38653865View Page18971229Wednesday, December 29th, 1897Mrs. Nellie CampbellMrs. Nellie Campbell402 E. Main St.
36443644View Page18970215Monday, February 15th, 1897Seymour CohnSeymour CohnW. Main St.
38493849View Page18971204Saturday, December 4th, 1897Edgar FreemanEdgar Freeman120 Hoyt Ave
36243624View Page18970123Saturday, January 23rd, 1897Mrs. Frank HustisMrs. Frank Hustis214 S. Grant
38383838View Page18971127Saturday, November 27th, 1897Margaret LeothMargaret Leoth116 S. Proud
37593759View Page18970831Tuesday, August 31st, 1897Mrs. Ida H. LongMrs. Ida H. Long915 E. Jackson
48134813View Page18981001Saturday, October 1st, 1898Mrs. W. A. DowellMrs. W. A. Dowell221 North Liberty
38893889View Page18980118Tuesday, January 18th, 1898Cora L FanslerCora L Fansler718 W Charles St
47634763View Page18980726Tuesday, July 26th, 1898Nellie MitchellNellie Mitchell1010 S. Monroe
47784778View Page18980813Saturday, August 13th, 1898Mrs. S. A. WeaverMrs. S. A. Weaver1208 W 9th St.
47834783View Page18980827Saturday, August 27th, 1898Harry B. BannisterHarry B. Bannister1423 E. Main St
47874787View Page18980901Thursday, September 1st, 1898Mrs. H. R. WysorMrs. H. R. Wysor418 N. Walnut
47984798View Page18980912Monday, September 12th, 1898Francis W. WhealeFrancis W. Wheale125 E 9th
48674867View Page18981104Friday, November 4th, 1898A. H. GleasonA. H. Gleason607 E. Charles
48884888View Page18981117Thursday, November 17th, 1898Wm A. AngeloWm A. Angelo657 - Berlin St.
39893989View Page18980503Tuesday, May 3rd, 1898Otto P. ReamOtto P. Ream211 S Cherry
54645464View Page19000613Wednesday, June 13th, 1900Bernice BallBernice Ball822 W. Chas. St.
56885688View Page19010131Thursday, January 31st, 1901Clara HarrisonClara Harrison1214 E. Main St.
53135313View Page19000115Monday, January 15th, 1900Mrs. Lizzie MinnickMrs. Lizzie Minnick1517 S. Franklin
58205820View Page19010715Monday, July 15th, 1901Ira W LangfordIra W Langford312 E North
58385838View Page19010731Wednesday, July 31st, 1901F. W. MeyerF. W. Meyer527 So Elliott
20872087View Page18831020Saturday, October 20th, 1883W R SnyderW R SnyderMadison St

+Transaction (95)

Transaction DateOriginal
Acc. #TitleBorrower NamePat. #Listed Patron NameTransaction Comments
18970904Saturday, September 4th, 1897View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.W. R. Snyder20872087W R SnyderW R Snyder
18970918Saturday, September 18th, 1897View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Rebekah Denslow34753475Rebekah DenslowRebekah Denslow
18970922Wednesday, September 22nd, 1897View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Ms. A. Shuttleworth18971897Ada ShuttleworthAda Shuttleworth
18971006Wednesday, October 6th, 1897View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Earnest Shuttleworth43984398E. H. ShuttleworthE. H. Shuttleworth
18971006Wednesday, October 6th, 1897View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Ms. Addie Shuttleworth18971897Ada ShuttleworthAda Shuttleworthbook ID also checked out by patron ID 4398 on same day
18971020Wednesday, October 20th, 1897View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs. Frank Hustis36243624Mrs. Frank HustisMrs. Frank Hustis
18971023Saturday, October 23rd, 1897View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Ms. A J Williams42034203Mrs. A. J. WilliamsMrs. A. J. Williams
18971030Saturday, October 30th, 1897View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Hasty Wilson26312631Hasty WilsonHasty Wilson
18971104Thursday, November 4th, 1897View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Ms. Ida Long37593759Mrs. Ida H. LongMrs. Ida H. Long"+" marked next to patron's name
18971111Thursday, November 11th, 1897View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.I B Saxon33253325I. B. SaxonI. B. Saxon
18971116Tuesday, November 16th, 1897View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs. Hattie Hamilton34373437Harriet HamiltonHarriet Hamilton
18971122Monday, November 22nd, 1897View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Seymour Cohn36443644Seymour CohnSeymour Cohn
18971124Wednesday, November 24th, 1897View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Lawrence Herman27772777Mrs. L. HermanMrs. L. Herman
18971207Tuesday, December 7th, 1897View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Ms Emma Moles40454045Mrs. Emma MolesMrs. Emma Moles
18971220Monday, December 20th, 1897View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Vida Cassady23442344Vida CassadyVida Cassady
18971227Monday, December 27th, 1897View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Llew. Hemingray43914391L. M. HemingrayL. M. Hemingray
18980108Saturday, January 8th, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Ms Clara Hellet25912591Clara LeonardClara Leonard
18980111Tuesday, January 11th, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs J. M. Eberly35373537Mrs. J. M. EberlyMrs. J. M. Eberly
18980117Monday, January 17th, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Charlie Gill35493549Ohle GillOhle Gill
18980120Thursday, January 20th, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Dr D V Bower18021802Vollie BowerVollie Bower
18980122Saturday, January 22nd, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Ms Dr Green40434043Mrs. Dr. GreenMrs. Dr. Green
18980207Monday, February 7th, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs Ella Cammack12501250Mrs. E CammackMrs. E Cammacknumber 51 marked next to patron's name
18980221Monday, February 21st, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs Millie Campbell38653865Mrs. Nellie CampbellMrs. Nellie Campbell
18980228Monday, February 28th, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Walter Gregory43064306Walter GregoryWalter Gregory
18980302Wednesday, March 2nd, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs. Durham26102610Mrs. J. E. DurhamMrs. J. E. Durham
18980305Saturday, March 5th, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs. Harry Gill34313431Mrs. Harry GillMrs. Harry Gill
18980318Friday, March 18th, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs. Florence Kingsbury38073807Florence KingsburryFlorence Kingsburry
18980402Saturday, April 2nd, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs Bessie Green35043504Bessie GreeneBessie Greene
18980411Monday, April 11th, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Gilbert Jump45194519S. Gilbert JumpS. Gilbert Jump
18980422Friday, April 22nd, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mary Bryant40894089Mary BryantMary Bryant
18980512Thursday, May 12th, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs Nellie Campbell38653865Mrs. Nellie CampbellMrs. Nellie Campbell
18980906Tuesday, September 6th, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs R C Hemingray40364036Mrs. R. C. HemingrayMrs. R. C. Hemingray
18980909Friday, September 9th, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs A E Winchester009999Anna E. MaddyAnna E. Maddy
18980912Monday, September 12th, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs E. Seldomridge34253425Mrs. E. SeldomridgeMrs. E. Seldomridge
18980922Thursday, September 22nd, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Edger Freeman38493849Edgar FreemanEdgar Freeman
18980927Tuesday, September 27th, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs Della Sample24402440Della SampleDella Sample
18981003Monday, October 3rd, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Otto Ream39893989Otto P. ReamOtto P. Ream
18981008Saturday, October 8th, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Leora Curtis34473447Leora CurtisLeora Curtis
18981022Saturday, October 22nd, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs Florence Blease33633363Florence BleaseFlorence Blease
18981104Friday, November 4th, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs S.A. Weaver47784778Mrs. S. A. WeaverMrs. S. A. Weaver
18981107Monday, November 7th, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Ella Carey31703170Ella CareyElla Carey
18981111Friday, November 11th, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Anson Hickman33693369Anson HickmanAnson Hickman
18981125Friday, November 25th, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Harry Ault34873487Harry AultHarry Ault
18981210Saturday, December 10th, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Ida Ludlow0247247Ida P LudlowIda P Ludlow
18981214Wednesday, December 14th, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.L.E. Williams46394639L. E. WilliamsL. E. Williams
18981216Friday, December 16th, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Lotta Tyler0711711Lotta LudlowLotta Ludlow
18981230Friday, December 30th, 1898View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Lotta M Tyler0711711Lotta LudlowLotta Ludlow
18990116Monday, January 16th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Rob Knowlton0715715Addie KnowltonAddie Knowlton
18990123Monday, January 23rd, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Wm A Angelo48884888Wm A. AngeloWm A. Angelo
18990125Wednesday, January 25th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs W.A. Dowell48134813Mrs. W. A. DowellMrs. W. A. Dowell
18990208Wednesday, February 8th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs W H Dowell48134813Mrs. W. A. DowellMrs. W. A. Dowell
18990214Tuesday, February 14th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Francis W Wheale47984798Francis W. WhealeFrancis W. Wheale
18990217Friday, February 17th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.A H Gleason48674867A. H. GleasonA. H. Gleason
18990218Saturday, February 18th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs Cora Fansler38893889Cora L FanslerCora L Fansler
18990227Monday, February 27th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Delbert Seldomridge24102410Delbert SeldomridgeDelbert Seldomridge
18990304Saturday, March 4th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs Kate Knowlton28142814Bobbie KnowltonBobbie Knowlton
18990306Monday, March 6th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.E.O. Ward49294929E. O. WardE. O. Ward
18990513Saturday, May 13th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Ola Emerson24302430Ola EmersonOla Emerson
18990520Saturday, May 20th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Sarah Wysor34633463Sara WysorSara Wysor
18990527Saturday, May 27th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs H.R. Wysor47874787Mrs. H. R. WysorMrs. H. R. Wysor
18990603Saturday, June 3rd, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mable Nold33913391Mabel E NoldMabel E Nold
18990710Monday, July 10th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Elizabeth Elrod37303730Elizabeth ElrodElizabeth Elrod
18990715Saturday, July 15th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.William Arnold44604460Willie ArnoldWillie Arnold"121" written after patron's name
18990726Wednesday, July 26th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Margaret Scott38383838Margaret LeothMargaret Leoth
18990811Friday, August 11th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Paul Richey21962196Albert RicheyAlbert Richey
18990824Thursday, August 24th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs. Alice Monroe47414741Mrs. Alice MonroeMrs. Alice Monroe
18990901Friday, September 1st, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs. E. Beull51315131M. [W?] E. BeallM. [W?] E. Beall
18990905Tuesday, September 5th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Lizzie Kuhn16251625Linnie MarshLinnie Marsh
18990918Monday, September 18th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs. H. C. Darnall35833583Mrs. H. C. DarnallMrs. H. C. Darnall
18991002Monday, October 2nd, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.E. L. Chalfont32183218E. L. ChalfantE. L. Chalfant
18991013Friday, October 13th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs. Edith Mock51815181Mrs. Edith MockMrs. Edith Mock
18991106Monday, November 6th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs. M. Ward47114711Mrs. Maggie WardMrs. Maggie Ward
18991113Monday, November 13th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs. J. C. Leatherman43584358Mrs. J. C. LeathermanMrs. J. C. Leatherman
18991118Saturday, November 18th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Harry Bannister47834783Harry B. BannisterHarry B. BannisterPatron ID registered to "Blue, CHC"//fixed patron number (orig. 4983)
18991208Friday, December 8th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs Mary Leonard43164316Mrs. Mary LeonardMrs. Mary Leonard
18991218Monday, December 18th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Rosetta Shinn48764876Rozetta ShinnRozetta Shinn
18991222Friday, December 22nd, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Roy Zapf51085108Ray ZapfRay Zapf
18991230Saturday, December 30th, 1899View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Clara Elrod42444244Clara ElrodClara Elrod
19000113Saturday, January 13th, 1900View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Ethel Starr44644464Ethel StarrEthel Starr
19000118Thursday, January 18th, 1900View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Ray Vicewarner34073407Kay VicewarnerKay Vicewarner
19000127Saturday, January 27th, 1900View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs Lizzie Minnick53135313Mrs. Lizzie MinnickMrs. Lizzie Minnick
19000216Friday, February 16th, 1900View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Earl Nutting27832783Earl NuttingEarl Nutting
19000227Tuesday, February 27th, 1900View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Robt Tumbleson52775277Robert TumlesonRobert Tumleson
19000307Wednesday, March 7th, 1900View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs Nanie B Snyder51625162Mrs. Nannie B. SnyderMrs. Nannie B. Snyder
19000310Saturday, March 10th, 1900View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Nellie Lacey25792579Fredie LaceyFredie Lacey
19000317Saturday, March 17th, 1900View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Edna Hoover45014501Edna HooverEdna Hoover
19000420Friday, April 20th, 1900View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs. Will Topp49674967Mrs. Will ToppMrs. Will Toppfixed patron number (orig. 4966)
19000504Friday, May 4th, 1900View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Roy Zapt51085108Ray ZapfRay Zapf
19000518Friday, May 18th, 1900View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Wysor Marsh45244524Wysor MarshWysor Marsh
19000609Saturday, June 9th, 1900View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Honor Fordyce52515251Homer L. FordyceHomer L. Fordyce
19010624Monday, June 24th, 1901View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Bernice Ball54645464Bernice BallBernice Ball
19010924Tuesday, September 24th, 1901View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.F. W. Meyer58385838F. W. MeyerF. W. Meyer
19011204Wednesday, December 4th, 1901View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Mrs. Clara Harrison56885688Clara HarrisonClara Harrison
19020110Friday, January 10th, 1902View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Ira. W. Langford58205820Ira W LangfordIra W Langford
19020421Monday, April 21st, 1902View Page1043110431Fort Frayne.Fort Frayne.Nellie Mitchell47634763Nellie MitchellNellie Mitchell