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Architecture Images

I have almost nothing to do with this. CAMS sends slides to DPP, DPP processes them and passes them off to Jim. There's a batch script I wrote for Melanie that does some of the image processing.

Keep an eye on the size of the folder at "\\libxv\Physical Processing\Scanning\ARCHSLIDE_SCANNING". When it gets too large, archive some of the files.

BSU Student Newspapers

  • Files live in \\libxv\Physical Processing\Scanning\BSU_Student_Newspaper (may be moving to a different network folder soon)
  • Papers from 1922-1950 have been scanned (4000+ pages). A few from 1939 need to be redone (they were scanned with the incorrect DPI setting)
  • I've OCRed 1922. Twice the computer has rebooted while OCRing 1923. I'm looking into why.

Campus Photographs

Melanie and Carolyn have some documentation. It all could stand to be redone.

Children's Books

  • 51 books (about 15,400 pages) have been scanned.
  • 43 books (about 13,000 pages) have been OCRed.
  • 7 more still need to be scanned.
  • CAMS is creating records for these books in CardCat

Delaware County Plat Maps

  • 3 books have been scanned. We're waiting for ASC for more. I don't know the total number of books.

Educational Resources Slides

These are all on an external hard drive in my office (Budi is putting them on the network for me). They need to have thumbnails created and files renamed.

Educational Resources Pictures

All large pictures have been photographed. Scanning of some of the smaller pictures continues.

They need thumbnails made and files renamed to be added to CardCat. Some are on libxv, some are on an external hard drive in my office (Budi is putting them all on a new network folder).

Pierre & Wright Collection

  • Models - Tony has taken photographs and made movies of the 35 models
  • Drawings - 2500 sheets (mostly large) (not yet arrived to be scanned)
  • Boards - 157 (not yet arrived to be scanned)
  • Scrapbook - (not yet arrived to be scanned)
  • Documents - A few hundred pages. Scanning began 2009-06-10.

Muncie Times

  • Occasionally (2-3 times/year) more issues arrive to be scanned, OCRed, and uploaded.
  • Files in \\libxv\Physical Processing\Scanning\Muncie Times Newspaper\Tiffs_checked have not yet been OCRed or cataloged
  • Tony has done some cataloging of the Times before (as have a few people in Acquisitions)

Museum of Art Collection

  • I have no idea what the future of this collection is.
  • The data for items loaded so far lives at \\libxv\Physical Processing\Scanning\Museum_of_Art (along with a couple of scripts that may or may not help with future data)

Sheet Music

  • 482 Scanned
  • 151 in CONTENTdm
  • Quite a few that we scanned that have not been cataloged yet. Rumor is that CAMS will eventually get to them. Others, we may not be able to load due to copyright.

Student Artwork

This mostly just requires keeping an eye on the art calendar to see what needs to be photographed. Tony tends to handle the photography on his own.

Physical Processing

Melanie manages this rather independently. I mostly just sign off on purchase orders.


  • This doesn't require much maintenance. Most show people where to find the Log in link and E-mail password button. Occasionally register new users.
  • If you feel up to it, it could stand to be upgraded. Last time I did it, I ended up resetting everyone's passwords (whoops!), so be careful.
  • I've been meaning to install a WYSIWYG editor, but there's really not a good (i.e., stable and usable) one for MediaWiki.

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