SFX Object Portfolio Updates

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Monthly SFX object portfolio updates need to be added to a database to be used for updating the various journal databases we maintain.


  1. Download update files from Ex Libris
    1. Log in at http://sfx4.exlibrisgroup.com:3210/sfxadmin/bsu
    2. Go to KBUpdate Reports->TEXT Report
    3. Select the appropriate report
    4. In each category listed (excepting "Not deleted"), download the "OBJECT PORTFOLIO" file
      • Save the files (usually three of them) in a folder named YYYY-MM-DD (where YYYY-MM-DD is the date of the update, not the date that it was loaded or that it is being processed) in "\\libxi\CAMS\SFXProcessing\Update_Preprocessing\"
  2. Compile the files into one tab-delimited text file matching the table in the database
    1. Run "\\libxi\CAMS\SFXProcessing\Update_Preprocessing\compile_sfx.py"
    2. Any errors indicate inconsistencies in the reports. Correct those, then run again.
  3. Let Kathy Reed know that updates are available, and wait for her approval to proceed.
  4. Load the new records into the database at "\\libxi\CAMS\SFXProcessing\SFX.updates.mdb"
    • Import the data in "\\libxi\CAMS\SFXProcessing\Update_Preprocessing\compilation.txt" into the table object_portfolio_updates
    • Import specifications:
      • File format: Tab-delimited, no text qualifier
      • Language: English
      • Code Page: Unicode (UTF-8)
      • Date Order: MDY
      • Date Delimiter: /
      • Time Delimiter: :
      • Four Digit Years: yes
      • Leading Zeroes in Dates: yes
      • Decimal Symbol: .
      • Do not skip any fields
      • First Row Contains Field Names: yes
  5. Archive the files
    1. Rename "\\libxi\CAMS\SFXProcessing\Update_Preprocessing\compilation.txt" to "\\libxi\CAMS\SFXProcessing\Update_Preprocessing\compilation_YYYY-MM-DD.txt", where YYYY-MM-DD is the current date
    2. Move "\\libxi\CAMS\SFXProcessing\Update_Preprocessing\compilation_YYYY-MM-DD.txt" and the folder YYYY-MM-DD into the folder "\\libxi\CAMS\SFXProcessing\Update_Preprocessing\.finished"
  6. Email Kathy Reed the total number of records added to the database.