DMR Known Search Errors

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  • Punctuation alters search results, often resulting in 0 hits
    • Searching Smith's patent truss bridge in Wayne Weber collection results 0 hits. Query changes to Smith\'s Patent Truss Bridge
    • Searching Fendrick's in Pierre and Wright gets 0 hits
  • Searches using full text with other fields do not work
    • Searching 1969 Letterman or 1969 and Letterman yields 0 results in commencement . Should retrieve 1969 commenecement program. 1969 from title, letterman from full text.
    • Searching family Ptolemy in the American Almanacs collection gets 0 results. Should get Family almanac, 1885.
  • Searches executed from home page search box don't properly pass searches on to PDFs. Works ok on splash page boxes.
    • Search dogs. Changes to /dogs/.
  • Sorting across all collections is weird. Relevancy doesn't work well. Changed preferences to alphabetical and still not sorting correctly.
    • Try searching dogs or bible. Most relevant hits are buried.