Slota: The Movie

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A family bound together by ideas is strong.

A family bound together by hope becomes unbreakable.

The surviving three children of Slovak immigrants Steve and Mary Slota tell their story in this documentary, a fascinating look at what it means to confront adversity armed only with faith.

"Slota" has been recognized by the Ball State University Graduate School as an outstanding student achievement. In addition, Chad and Lucas have submitted it for consideration in the 2008 Cleveland Regional Emmy Awards competition.

Chad Buterbaugh is a former newspaper reporter in northeast Ohio and County Cork, Ireland. He holds degrees in education and journalism from Ohio University.

The Irish storytelling tradition is his research focus as a candidate for the Master of Arts in Telecommunications at Ball State University. He also teaches introductory news writing classes to undergraduates.

Chad is the only grandson of Veronica Friedt, featured in this documentary. He would like to dedicate this work to her, and to all the Slotas, who have been such influential figures to him.

Chad currently lives in Muncie, Indiana.

Lucas "Luke" Trout has worked in digital production both professionally and academically. After earning his bachelor's degree from Indiana University, he embarked on a freelancing career for clients in several Midwestern locations.

His current position with Murray Multimedia Resources LLC, a production house in Cincinnati, Ohio, stems from a long freelancing relationship with the company.

In addition, Lucas is a candidate for the Master of Arts in Telecommunications at Ball State University. On campus, he worked as a project research assistant at the university's Center for Media Design.

He lives in Cincinnati with his wife Ali. "Slota" is his first documentary.