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Grand Union Banners, 1864 Camp Patrick Henry Map, 1945
World War I Poster Ostland Atlas Map 12


A map is a visual representation of a geographic area that highlights relationships between objects, regions, and themes. Maps can be used to chart change over time, and can focus on a variety of themes such as population densities, climate, and economic features among others. The posters featured below include military and political posters. Created in support of social and political ideologies or election campaigns, political posters are used to advertise and advocate political activity. Military posters are issued to support military and civilian war efforts, and may include propaganda. Researchers may use posters the posters included in this resource guide to illustrate disorientation of ideas or document historic events.


Use the links below to find maps and posters regarding military history available from Ball State University Libraries Digital Media Repository.


World War II Maps


U.S. Civil War Posters
World War I Posters

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